50 Years in Business

Gapura Raya's 50th Birthday Celebrated by 50 selected staff members in February 2015

Head Office

A rental garage in February 1965

Our own Gapura Raya building
Since 1984 - Certified Fire Protection Competency Test Site 2017

Fire Protection
Since 1969

What We Do

Auto Care
  • We are Indonesia's sole distributor of Wynn`s products and Automotive Systems since 1998
  • For years we have provided Auto Care Products and Professional Systems to the most prestigious multi national Japanese, French, German, and Indonesian automotive companies in Indonesia
  • We have been in the welding electrodes and welding machines business since 1991
  • We sell Carboweld Welding alloys from Germany
  • Our welding electrodes are manufactured to the highest quality standards
  • Our welding machines are manufactured in Italy to our highest specification by Ergus
Uraini Umarjadi
President Director

Fire Protection
Since 1969

Distributorship Agreement
Graviner Australia
April 1969

Fire extinguisher inventory
Company founder Peter Isman
December 1969

Since 1975

Omega Range of Lubricants
in 1981

Gland Packings and Gaskets
Since 2010

Our Offices:
Cilegon | Jakarta | Bandung | Surabaya | Denpasar | Makassar | Manado

Our Distributors:
Bandar Lampung | Pontianak | Banjarmasin