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Fire Extinguisher Survey and Inspection

Fire Extinguisher and Fire Blanket Survey

  • We will survey your location and conduct fire extinguisher inspection of all existing fire extinguishers and fire blankets on your premises
  • We will provide you with a written report of our findings
  • We will provide you with our recommendations of the types, amounts and placements, of fire extinguishers as required on your premises in order to comply to applicable Indonesian regulations for fire extinguishers and best practices
  Standards and Regulations
  • Minister of Manpower and Transmigration Regulation No.PER.04/MEN/1980 regarding installation and maintenance requirements of fire extinguishers
  • Minister of Manpower Republic of Indonesian decision NO.KEP.186/MEN/1990 regarding fire safety team in the workplace
  • Ministry of Public Works Regulation No.26/PRT/M/2008 dated 30 December 2008 regarding fire protection technical requirements for buildings and the environment
  • Jakarta regulations No. 108 Year 2008 regarding Fire Prevention and Countermeasures
  • Jakarta Governor Regulation No. 142 Year 2016 regarding fire safety management of buildings and the environment
  • NFPA 10 Standards for Portable Fire Extinguishers
  • Australian Standard (AS 2444) Portable Fire Extinguishers and Fire Blankets - Selection and Location
  • To know the condition of existing fire extinguishers and fire blankets on the premises
  • To know the types, amounts and locations of fire extinguishers as required by governing laws and best practices
  • Certainty in knowing which fire extinguishers on the premises are in good working order
  • Knowing which fire extinguishers can be serviced or refilled, and which must be discarded
  • Having the information needed in order to comply with governing regulations on fire extinguishers on the premises
  • Assist in budgeting for fire extinguishers
  • Certainty that fire extinguishers on the premises are as required
  Some premises we have surveyed include:
  • AKR Corporindo Tbk, PT Ciwandan
  • Al Izar - Yayasan Anakku
  • Alexis Hotel
  • Bakti Mulya 400 School
  • Bayu Amerta Hotel
  • Bina Nusantara Perkasa, PT
  • British Women's Association - Kasih Mandiri Bersinar, Wisma Chesire, Yayasan Amal Mulia
  • Bulog
  • Cek Ombak Hotel
  • Cimaja Square Hotel
  • Darmawan Park
  • Equilindo Asri, PT
  • Fastfood Indonesia, PT
  • Graha Pratama Building
  • Griya Mugi Building
  • Halim Mitra Dirgantara, PT
  • Halmahera Siaga Hospital Bandung
  • Hampton's Park Apartment
  • Indoraya Energi, PT
  • International Finance Corporation
  • ITC Fatmawati
  • Jakarta Intercultural School
  • Kompak Governance for Growth
  • Lexus Mampang Gallery
  • Mahakam Beta Farma, PT
  • Marbella Kemang Residence
  • MD Building
  • Menara Hijau Building
  • Menara Prima Building
  • Motto Tech SLR Factory
  • OLX Indonesia
  • One Bell Park Mall
  • Pakubuwono Signature Apartments
  • Paragon Technology and Innovation, PT
  • Park Royale Executive Apartment
  • Perbanas Institute
  • Perfetti Van Melle, PT
  • PP Energi, PT
  • PP Persero Tbk, PT
  • Primastar Mandiri, PT
  • RA Residence
  • Renalteam Healthcare Academy
  • Rumah Sakit PMI
  • Rumah Sakit Umum Uki
  • Sanitarium Dharmawangsa
  • Sarana Allow Casting, PT
  • Sarana Central Bajatama Tbk, PT
  • Sekolah Tirta Marta BPK Penabur
  • Selamat Autocare
  • Sushi King Restaurant
  • Syneral Indonesia, PT
  • Textile One Indonesia, PT
  • Universitas Nasional (Unas)
  • World Bank

Fire Extinguisher and Fire Blanket Inspection

  • All fire extinguishers and fire blankets are uniquely numbered and mapped
  • All fire extinguishers are documented by type, size, location
  • All fire blankets are documented by location
  • All fire extinguishers and fire blankets are inspected routinely with frequency depending on the level of risk

What is fire extinguisher inspection?

  • An inspection of fire extinguishers is a "quick check" to give reasonable assurance that is fully charged and operable
  • An inspection of fire blankets is to ensure that the blanket is in good working order and correctly placed and marked
  • The value of an inspection lies in the frequency, regularity, and thoroughness with which it is conducted
  • Based on applicable Minister of Manpower and Transmigration Regulation No.PER.04/MEN/1980 inspection of fire extinguishers must be conducted every six months.
  • Inspection should be more frequently for medium and higher risk areas
  • During inspection of fire extinguishers, we ensure that:
    • The fire extinguisher is in a location that makes it readily accessible
    • The fire extinguisher is set up properly for easy handling, and that nothing is obstructing access to any parts of it, including the hose
    • The pressure dial is checked to see if it needs to be charged. The needle should be in the green zone
    • The pin and tamper seal are intact and the pull pin is properly secured within the handle and held in place by the tamper seal
    • There are no dents, leaks, rust, chemical deposits or other signs of abuse or wear
    • The fire extinguisher does not have any cracks, dents, or rust on its shaft which might hinder its performance
    • Corrosive chemicals, oil, gunk etc. That may have deposited on the extinguisher are wiped off
    • There is a visible instruction label on the fire extinguisher, and that it is legible
    • No modifications were made to the fire extinguisher that might affect its performance level
    • The inspection form on each fire extinguisher is completed
    • The Certificate of Inspection is completed and signed off
    • Extinguishers requiring maintenance or replacement are attended to
Recent Surveys & Inspections

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