Garralube 903 Diesel Fuel Additive

  • Suspends water
  • Cleans and lubricates injectors
  • Lubricates pump
  • Supplements dispersancy of engine oil
  • Dispersancy of insoluble gum which can occur during fuel storage
  • Protects against corrosion
  • Low temperature flow improvement through wax crystal modification
  • Greater fuel efficiency
  • Extended service life
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Maximum power
  • Minimum emissions
  • Operational dependability

Garralube 909
FMG Engine Oil Additive

Increased lubricity from FMG penetrating metallic components results in:

  • Friction and wear reduction
  • Reduce engine leakage
  • Affinity for metals
  • Easier starting
  • Quieter engine operation
  • Cleans crankcase of sludge and varnish
  • Minimize deposit of combustion products
  • Inhibits rust
  • Wet-out dried up seals and gaskets
  • Reduce oil consumption
  • Longer bearing and ring life
  • Increase engine life
  • Greater fuel economy

Wynns Spitfire Octane Boost

  • Increases the octane number
  • Provides valve seat recession protection
  • Overcome engine knocking problems
  • Deliver valveseat recession protection

Auto Care Products

Gear Oil Performance Additive

GarraLube 904 Superior Gear Oil Additive
GarraLube 904 Superior Gear Oil Additive is an oil soluble polymer viscosity index improver for use as a supplement in lubricating oil in heavy duty gearboxes. GarraLube 904 Superior Gear Oil Additive…

Engine Oil Performance Additives

GarraLube 909 Superior Engine Oil Additive
GarraLube 909 Superior Engine Oil Additive Additive is a superior oil additive designed to treat gasoline engines or diesel engines. It is an oil soluble polymer viscosity index improver for use as a…

Wynns Supreme Plus Oil Treatment
Formulated to: Prevent engine wear Retard oil oxidation Assure maximum lubrication protection Utilize Premium API SM/ILSAC GF-4 additive technology Enhance engine performance Provide added protection…

Fuel Performance Additives

GarraLube 903 Superior Diesel Fuel Additive
GarraLube 903 Superior Diesel Fuel Additive is the fuel conditioner of the future. It responds to the new set of demands created by new low sulphur fuels, as well as, satisfying the needs of previous…

Wynns Diesel Charge
Wynn's Diesel Charge is a patented diesel fuel treatment designed to boost power and improve overall drive ability. Wynn's Diesel Charge is formulated to add power and performance to any diesel engine…

Wynns Emission Control
Wynn's Emission Control is a patented, ash less fuel additive that significantly reduces hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide exhaust emissions in gasoline and diesel engines, while providing improved power…

Wynns Fuel Injector Cleaner
Wynn's Fuel Injector Cleaner contains concentrated detergents and dispersants guaranteed to clean dirty injectors with just one usage. Fuel injector cleaner is compatible with catalytic converters, oxygen…

Wynns Power Charge
Wynn's Power Charge contains unique patented technology, combining advanced engine power boosters with effective fuel system detergents and dispersants. Using Wynn's patented technology, Wynn's Power…

Wynns Spitfire Diesel Fuel Treatment
Wynn's Spitfire Diesel Fuel Treatment is a premium diesel fuel injector cleaner that provides additional benefits and unique features for light-duty and heavy duty diesel engines. Wynn's Spitfire Diesel…

Wynns Spitfire Octane Boost
Wynn's Spitfire Octane Boost is an exclusively formulated double-duty nonleaded fuel additive for petrol engines that increases the octane number of any grade of petrol used, and provides valve seat recession…

Wynns Spitfire Petrol Treatment
Wynn's Spitfire Petrol Treatment is a balanced package of multi-functional chemicals that contain powerful detergent/dispersants with rust and corrosion inhibitors coupled with a lubricant. Wynn's Spitfire…

Automotive Engine Treatments

Alto Al Humo
Wynn's Alto Al Humo is specially formulated to stop exhaust smoke due to oil burning. Wynn's Alto Al Humo is specially designed for oil burning cars and trucks and has a new improved super thick formula,…

Wynns Engine Stop-Leak
Wynn's SupremeEngine Stop-Leak is formulated with a dual action package that reduces crankcase oil loss caused by both external leaks and internal combustion. This formulation improves the viscosity index…

Wynns Friction Proofing Engine Treatment
Wynn’s Engine Oil products clean harmful oil deposits from engines… deposits that other products leave behind. Wynn’s Engine Oil products reduce wear to prolong engine life and improve…

Wynns Oil System Cleaner & Conditioner
Wynn’s Oil System Cleaner & Conditioner safely dissolves and suspends engine oil deposits throughout the engine. from the valves to the oil pan. Optimum lubrication is provided for with this non-solvent…

Wynns Supreme Engine Flush
Wynn’s Supreme Engine Flush is a pre-oil change motor flush that internally cleans vital engine parts, removing harmful deposits, sludge and varnish that impede oil flow. Wynn's Supreme Engine Flush…

Wynns Tune Up Concentrated
Wynn’s Tune Up Concentrated is a lubricating oil additive for professionals, specially formulated to quickly quieting down noisy lifters and restore engine performance and power. It is the latest…

Automotive Transmissions Treatments

Wynns Automatic Transmission Flush
Wynn's Automatic Transmission Flush is an automatic transmission cleaner, formulated to transform old automatic transmission fluid into a safe cleaning fluid which removes sludge and varnish deposits…

Wynns Automatic Transmission Treatment
Wynn's Automatic Transmission Treatment is a fully synthetic formula to meet today's advanced transmissions requirements. When adding this product to a common multi-vehicle ATF fluid, it can increase…

Wynns High Performance Lubricant Supplement
Wynn's High Performance Lubricant Supplement is formulated to improve the performance and service life of extreme pressure gear oils. The multi-function formula contains viscosity index improvers, anti-foam…

Automotive Power Steering Treatments

Wynns Power Steering Conditioner
Wynn's Power Steering Conditioner is designed for use in most power steering systems, including those in which the manufacturer recommends conventional power steering fluids. Wynn's Power Steering Conditioner…

Wynns Power Steering Fluid
Wynn's Power Steering Fluid is a premium formula power steering fluid that is compatible with all domestic and most foreign vehicle power steering units when used as a service fill.

Wynns Power Steering Flush
Wynn's Power Steering Flush is a power steering cleaner, formulated to remove harmful deposits and impurities from power steering systems. Wynn's Power Steering Flush is formulated to be used in conjunction…

Wynns Power Steering Flush Kit
wynn's Power Steering Flush Kit and Fluids are designed to remove harmful deposits and impurities from the power steering system, for longer fluid life and extended performance of power steering components.…

Wynns Air Intake Cleaner (Aerosols)
Wynns Air Intake Cleaner is professionally formulated to safely blast away gum and varnish from air throttle plates and throttle plate shafts. Wynn's Air Intake Cleaner helps restore engine performance,…

Wynns Diesel Injector Purge
Formulated to: Clean diesel fuel systems including injectors and combustion chambers. Restore proper injector spray pattern. Increase fuel economy. Restore overall engine performance. Reduce particulate…

Wynns Vale Injector Combustion Chamber Cleaner (VIC)
Wynn's Valve Injector Cleaner is professionally formulated to safely clean intake valves, fuel injectors and combustion chambers. Wynn's Valve Injector Cleaner is formulated and packaged for use in the…

Automotive Cooling System Additives

Wynns Radiator Flush
Wynn's Radiator Flush is a radiator cleaner, formulated to take maximum advantage of the best features of the cooling system, and is both easy and safe to use. When used as directed, it will promote cooling…

Wynns Radiator Sealent
Wynn's Radiator Sealent is a premium water-based formula that prevents and seals external leaks in the cooling system and prevents head gasket seepage. This low viscosity product works fast but will not…

Wynns Radiator Treatment
Wynn's Radiator Treatment is a concentrated, water based solution of corrosion inhibitors, anti-foaming agents (to prevent air entrainment and water pump cavitations, and anti-scale compounds formulated…

Automotive Air Conditioning Freshener

Wynns Airco-Clean
Wynn's Airo Clean is a concentrated water-based non-toxic solution, formulated to clean, sterilize and deodorize the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC) and the vehicles interior.…

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