External Inspection

Washing & Degreasing

Air Drying


Machine Emptying

Internal Inspection

Fire Refilling Service
All Swordsman and GarraFire extinguishers are refillable

Fire Extinguisher Loan
We will provide fire extinguishers to be placed at your premises while yours is being refilled at our workshop. Just drop off your extinguisher at our workshop and collect our temporary replacement fire extinguisher. You can drop off our temporary replacement fire extinguisher when you collect yours from our workshop.

Filling Procedure
Fire Extinguisher Filling Certification
All our fire extinguishers are filled in accordance to NFPA 10 standards as certified by the Fire Brigade DKI Jakarta under Indonesia’s Department of Internal Affairs.

Machine Filling

Pressurizing With Nitrogen


Leak Test

Air Drying


Quality Control