Power Steering Flush Kit


Automotive experts, including manufacturers of power steering components, recommend periodic flushing or fluid exchanges of power steering systems. All suppliers of re-manufactured or replacement power steering racks recommend flushing the entire system of old fluid and contaminants when replacing a power steering rack. OEM's are starting to include power steering fluid changes as part of routine scheduled maintenance (Chrysler, Isuzu). Among the benefits of power steering fluid replacement are contaminant removal (including potentially abrasive component wear debris), improved component life, improved driveability and warranty maintenance on new components.

Historically, power steering system fluid service has been neglected, often due to the lack of a convenient method for providing such flush or fluid change services. Previous methods for flushing the power steering system or replacing the power steering fluid were difficult, time consuming and often inefficient or incomplete. Service neglect can lead to power steering system complaints including poor handling, hard or sluggish steering, and objectionable noise. These complaints can often be attributed to fluid that has thickened due to oxidation, thinned due to viscosity improver breakdown, become contaminated or undergone performance additive degradation. Fluid that has thickened due to oxidation often results in hard steering when the fluid is cold. This commonly results in a phenomenon called "morning sickness.

Also, over time, fluid leakage from power steering system seals can often be attributed to seal deterioration from continued contact with degraded fluid. Previously, power steering fluid exchange, without the use of a machine, was accomplished by disconnecting a low pressure hose and gravity draining the old fluid, then reconnecting the hose and refilling the reservoir with new fluid. Such gravity draining did not flush the old fluid from small passages or pockets in the system where old contaminated fluid would settle, resulting in a very incomplete fluid exchange.


The Wynn's® Power Steering Fluid Exchangers (#23000 and #22000) are easy to operate and efficient units that flush the system of old fluid and contaminants and refills the system with new fluid. These machines contain separate new and used fluid service hoses and separate on-board new and used fluid pumps. These machines are designed to be used with Wynn's® Two Part Flush Kits for vehicles containing conventional power steering fluid, ATF type power steering fluid or Honda/Acura power steering fluid. The basic flush and fill procedure is performed via the power steering fluid reservoir and includes the following:

  • Draining the old fluid from the reservoir
  • Refilling the reservoir with Wynn's Power Steering System Flush
  • Performing the flush process with simultaneous use of the suction hose and the supply hose
  • Performing the new fluid refill process with simultaneous use of the suction hose and the supply hose
The overall intent of routine power steering fluid service is to extend the life of power steering system components. When used in conjunction with the appropriate Wynn's Two Part Power Steering System Flush Kit, services performed with the Wynn's Power Steering Fluid Exchanger help prevent component wear, keep seals conditioned to prevent leaks, and provide the appropriate fluid viscosity for maximum power steering system performance. Note: Read and follow the Operating Instructions completely. Caution: Always verify the proper type of power steering fluid before performing this service.