Cooling System Flush Service

The cooling system is probably the most neglected system in a vehicle. Engine coolant deteriorates over a period of time, losing its ability to protect cooling system components against rust, corrosion, and scale deposits. The resulting scale deposits can seriously impair the effectiveness of the cooling system. Most automobile manufacturers recommend a cooling system service every two years or 30,000 miles. Unfortunately, some drivers neglect this service. Cooling system failure is the number one cause of mechanical breakdown on the highway.

With a regular cooling system service

A regular drain and fill service usually leaves about 50% of the old coolant behind, in the engine block and heater core. When the new coolant is added, it is immediately contaminated with the old coolant. The deposits left in the system will continue to impair the efficient operation of the system.

With a Wynn's Cooling System Flush Service

The Wynn's Cooling System Flush service is performed using the new Wynn's PowerFlush machine. The Wynn's PowerFlush machine is connected at the vehicle's upper radiator hose using the supplied adapters without cutting hoses. Wynn's® Radiator Flush is added to the vehicle's radiator and the engine is idled for five to ten minutes. The flush dissolves harmful deposits and suspends them for easy removal with the PowerFlush machine. A Wynn's Cooling System Flush Service will replace about 95% of the old coolant with fresh coolant. The final step in the flush service is to replace the original factory sealant removed in the process by adding Wynn's® Radiator Sealant. In approximately twenty minutes, the car is ready to go.