Air Co Clean Kit


Air conditioners are standard equipment on virtually all modern vehicles. Air conditioning systems operate by compressing a refrigerant from a gas into a liquid, which is then cooled as it passes through the radiator. This liquid refrigerant flows through an expansion valve into an evaporator, which allows the liquid to expand and evaporate back into a gas, absorbing heat from the surrounding air, and dramatically lowering the temperature around the evaporator. In the evaporator, the refrigerant flows through thin tubes covered with cooling fans to aid in the heat exchange process, with these tubes and fans becoming very cold as a result of the heat exchange.

As the air conditioning system fan blows air through the evaporator, the air is chilled and delivered through vents into the vehicle's interior. Due to the humidity in the air entering the evaporator, moisture droplets condense on the cooling fans, and due to surface tension, the droplets adhere to the fans. The combination of moisture, cold and darkness provides an ideal medium for odor. Every time the air conditioner is used, air blown through the evaporator and into the vehicle's interior carries with it the unpleasant odors that are present. Objectionable odors are also a problem in the heating and ventilation system in general, making the entire HVAC system a source of foul odors. In addition to the odors in the HVAC system, there are many other sources of objectionable odors in the vehicle's interior.

Sources of these odors include tobacco, spilled food and beverages, and bodily fluids. Odors from such sources may permeate various vehicle surfaces including the carpet, upholstery and headliner. Moisture from vehicle leaks, and moisture brought into the vehicle on wet shoes or clothes can also create damp, stale odors.


The solution to eliminating objectionable odors originating in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is to use Wynn's® AIRCOMATIC Ultrasonic HVAC Cleaning System and AIRCO-CLEAN™ Ultrasonic HVAC Treatment. The AIRCOMATIC unit utilizes ultrasonic technology to turn the AIRCO-CLEAN product into a fine mist that is carried by the vehicle's circulation system into the evaporator, where it is designed to eliminate the odors at the source. In addition to unpleasant odors originating in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system itself, Wynn's AIRCOMATIC Ultrasonic HVAC Cleaning System and AIRCO-CLEAN Ultrasonic HVAC Treatment is designed to remove objectionable odors from interior vehicle surfaces including carpet, upholstery and headliner.

The actual source of such odors might be tobacco, spilled beverages, spilled food or bodily fluids such as sweat. The AIRCO-CLEAN ultrasonic mist generated by the AIRCOMATIC unit is carried by the vehicle's ventilation system through the air duct system and into the vehicle's interior where it fills the interior space, coming into contact with the various sources of objectionable odors and helping to eliminate them. Wynn's AIRCOMATIC Ultrasonic HVAC Cleaning System is powered by 110V AC via an inline transformer.

This service does not just cover up odors and is not merely an air freshener, but a state-of-the-art ultrasonic service designed to eliminate objectionable odors at their source. The entire service is performed in about 20 to 25 minutes, with the result being a clean and fresh smelling heating, ventilation and air conditioning system and vehicle interior. Don't you deserve a clean and pleasant vehicle environment? Ask for the complete Wynn's AIRCOMATIC Ultrasonic HVAC Cleaning System Service with Wynn's AIRCO-CLEAN Ultrasonic HVAC Treatment. Also ideal for reconditioning used vehicles.