Who We Are

Modern Abstract Art

  • The multitude of colours on the Gapura Raya Modern Abstract Art represents a company of many peoples from different backgrounds.
  • Different ethnicity, cultures and religions are symbolised by parallel lines representing diversity yet with one vision and direction towards a common aim.
  • The parallel lines are tilted at an angle showing group dynamics and not rigidity.
  • The lines are encircled representing group unity

    Completed in 1988 by Moechtar Apin (1923 - 1996), the Gapura Raya Modern Abstract Art is displayed at the main lobby of PT. Gapura Raya's head office in South Jakarta. Indonesia's renowned artist Mochtar Apin graduated from arts schools and academies in Bandung (1951), Amsterdam (1952), Paris (1957), and Berlin (1958).


    Utomo Umarjadi

    (Joined 2011)

    Utomo Umarjadi
    Born in Tokyo, Japan, Utomo was educated and lived in Germany for over 15 years. Fluent in Japanese, English, Indonesian, and German, Utomo worked with a German telecommunication company for many years until his retirement in 2016. Utomo joined PT. Gapura Raya in 2011.


    Uraini Umarjadi
    Born in Bonn, Germany, Uraini completed her primary education in Geneva, Switzerland. After completing her secondary education in Jakarta, Uraini continued her studies in England before returning to Indonesia in 1983. Fluent in French, English, and Indonesian Uraini worked for French, American as well as Indonesian companies until 2008 when she took over as co-owner of PT. Gapura Raya

    Robert Darmago
    Born in Surabaya, Indonesia, Robert moved to Australia at a very early age and completed his primary and secondary education in Perth. After completing a Bachelors of Economics at the University of Western Australia in 1989, Robert worked in Japan before returning to Indonesia and founded a Business Information Company in Jakarta. In 2008 Robert joined PT. Gapura Raya. Robert has several fire safety qualifications including Australia's Chief Fire Warden Certificate and Indonesia's nationally accredited Ahli K3 Umum Madya Certificate

    Who's Who at PT. Gapura Raya

    We are a company of many people with one vision and direction towards a common aim. We have not introduced our most important staff; our drivers, store men, secretaries, salesmen, security officers, couriers, supervisors and many more. Here are but a few of our key staff:

    Our Directors and Senior Managers

    Left to right :
    Tonny Santoso - Senior Technical Mgr (Joined 1985)
    Robert Darmago - Director (Joined 2008)
    Uraini Umarjadi - President Director (Joined 2008)
    Surjono Soetedjo - Senior Technical & Logistics Mgr (Joined 1982)

    A Melkior Kase
    National Sales Mgr
    (Joined 2000)
    National Marketing Mgr
    (Joined 1995)
    Imam Budi Santoso
    Senior Trainer &
    Technical Officer
    (Joined 2000)

    Our Office Managers

    (Joined 2010)
    (Joined 1998)
    Taufik Rachman
    (Joined 2010)
    Nazarudin Azis
    (Joined 2002)
    Riana Gunandar
    (Joined 2002)
    Tommy Prasetyo
    (Joined 1993)
    (Joined 2000)
    Molly Lenggu
    (Joined 2009)
    (Joined 1995)
    Abdul Halmu
    (Joined 2002)

    Our Senior Staff

    Widi Dwihardjoko
    General Affairs,
    Personnel & Legal
    (Joined 1982)
    Tatang Suryana
    Chief Accountant
    (Joined 1996)
    M. Pakistani
    (Joined 1982)
    Bambang B. K
    Internal Auditor
    (Joined 1986)
    Reports & Analysis
    (Joined 1985)