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Fire Extinguisher Rental Service
  GarraFire Rental Services
Fire Extinguishers Buy Vs Rent
  Buying your fire extinguisher means you need to:
  • Pay a relatively large capital expenditure for their purchase
  • Depreciate your capital expense as canisters normally has a life of five years
  Owning your fire extinguisher means you need to make sure that:
  • Your fire extinguishers contents are not expired
  • Your fire extinguisher is refilled whenever required
  • Your fire extinguisher canisters is not unsafe
  • Your fire extinguishers are serviced regularly so they are in good order
  • Your staff are properly trained in the use of fire extinguisher
  Why buy your own fire extinguisher when you can use ours?
Use our GarraFire Extinguishers and leave all its care to the professionals
Our GarraFire extinguishers are
  • Ready to use
  • In perfect working order
  • Prepared in then event of an emergency
  • Routinely tested
  • Regularly serviced and maintained
  This is because on a regular schedule our experienced technicians
  • Test all GarraFire equipment in accordance with the product specifications
  • Repair and replace any components where required
  • Record all work performed in each GarraFire extinguishers log book and sign off a certificate of inspection
  With our GarraFire Extinguisher Solution, our experienced technicians will:
  • Conduct a fire safety risk assessment for your site
  • Determine the placement and types of fire extinguishers required
  • Determine which extinguisher is best suited for your risk areas
  • Place our GarraFire Extinguisher as required at your site
  • Perform regular inspection of all GarraFire extinguishers at your site
  • Replace any GarraFire Extinguisher if required
  • Perform routine scheduled testing and service of all fire extinguishers
  • Ensure all GarraFire Extinguishers placed at your site are functioning correctly
  Outsourcing your Fire Extinguishers to PT. Gapura Raya you get:
  • Peace of mind
  • Reliability
  • Convenience
  • Training for you and your staff
  • Low annual payments