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Swordsman Fire Blanket

What is it?
Swordsman Fire Blanket:
  • Is a highly flame-resistant blanket
  • Is made from woven fibre glass fabric and an inner layer of fire retardant film.
  • Does not contain hazardous asbestos fibres
  • Is of size 1.2 m x 1.8 m
  • Is folded into a quick-release container so that it can be easily pulled out and used
  • Is tested to EN 1869 : 1997 Standard
What is it used for?
The Swordsman Fire Blanket can be used:
  • To extinguish small fires but is particularly useful for smothering fat pan fires
  • To wrap around a person whose clothes are on fire and to extinguish the flame
  • For protection against fire as a wrap when exiting a burning building
How does it work?
The Swordsman Fire Blanket
  • Works by cutting off the oxygen supply and smothering the fire
  • Insulates and protects against heat and flame
How to use it?
In the event of accidental pan fire:
  • If safe to do so turn off the gas or electricity supply before using the fire blanket
  • Remove the fire blanket from its container by grasping the two protruding tags and pulling down
  • Grasp the corner of the blanket between your thumbs and forefinger with your palms facing upwards
  • Lift the arms so that the weight of the blanket is on the tips of your fingers
  • With your fingers pointing to the ceiling, rotate your hands inwards so that the blanket will curl around and protect them
  • With your palms facing towards the fire, move slowly and carefully towards the fire
  • Keep your arms up so that the blanket will shield your face and body from the heat and flame. Don't look over the top of the blanket at the fire
  • Let the fire blanket touch the side of the bench top
  • Still moving your arms forward, slowly and carefully lower the blanket over the top of the container. Don't attempt to throw the blanket over the fire
  • Cover the flames with the fire blanket and cover the whole area to cut off the airflow
  • Place a saucepan lid or any other flat solid object on top of the fire blanket over the mouth of the container
  • If unable to do so earlier, turn off the electricity or gas source of the fire
  • Don't remove the blanket for at least an hour so as not to risk re-igniting the flame
  • Don't use the fire blanket if the fire is too big or if you feel it unsafe to do so. GET OUT and call the fire brigade immediately
  • Don't attempt to carry a container of burning liquid. It is likely that the fire will flare up or that your movement will cause the flames to lap back towards you
  • Don't attempt to use water to extinguish a flammable liquid. The sudden expansion of water turning to steam will expel the burning liquid and spread the flame.
If a person's clothes catch fire:
  • Remove the fire blanket from its container
  • To prevent burns on the hands and arms, make sure you wrap the top edges of the blanket around your hands to protect them
  • Catch the person and wrap the blanket around the fire
  • Pat down the fire over the blanket with your hands or roll the person to extinguish the fire
  • Remove the blanket once the fire is extinguished and flush the burnt area with water to cool the burn
  • Apply first aid and seek medical help
To exit a burning building:
  • Remove the fire blanket from its container
  • Wrap the blanket around yourself covering your head, body, hands and arms
  • Exit the building
Does it have an expiry date?
  • Swordsman Fire Blankets do not have an expiry date as long as it is kept in good condition and unopened. However, it is for single use only and should be discarded or thrown away after use
Where to place it?
Your Swordsman Fire blanket:
  • Should be installed on the wall near to a door leading out of the kitchen area as this is the most common place for oil or fat fires to occur
  • Do not put it too close to the cooker, beside the oven or stove top as you may not be able to reach it in the event of a fire
  • Always place it near an escape route so that you are able to walk away and contact the fire brigade if the fire is too large to tackle
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