Diesel Injector Flush Kit


Among the reasons for purchasing diesel powered vehicles are expectations of the ultimate in power, torque, towing capability and fuel economy. With the growing popularity of diesel engines for not only trucks, but passenger cars as well, it is becoming more important for shops to provide maintenance services designed to keep these engines performing up to the owner's expectations. Because of the location of the diesel injector in the extremely hot environment of the combustion chamber itself, rather than outside the combustion chamber as in a typical gasoline engine, diesel injector deposits, as a result of fuel impurities or residues, are extremely difficult to remove.

Such deposits can cause less than ideal injector spray patterns, resulting in a general lack of power and performance, as well as decreased fuel economy and increased emissions. The simple addition of a diesel fuel tank treatment may not solve these problems. Many such diesel fuel tank treatments may partially address various diesel fuel deficiencies such as lack of detergency, poor low temperature properties, or low cetane number, but do not do a sufficient job of cleaning deposits from the injectors, combustion chambers and other areas of the diesel fuel system itself.

A machine that allows connection to the diesel fuel system directly, combined with a concentrated diesel fuel system cleaner with the combustion properties of diesel fuel, allowing the engine to run during the cleaning cycle, would be an ideal solution to diesel fuel system maintenance. An easy to use and effective diesel fuel system cleaning service would be the ideal solution for any shop wanting to restore the ultimate in power, torque, towing capability and fuel economy for their customers with diesel powered vehicles.


The Wynn's® Diesel Clean Machine is an extremely user-friendly machine which easily connects to the diesel fuel system in place of the normal fuel supply using one of the included adapters. Wynn's Diesel Injector Purge (P/N 15401) is a highly concentrated and highly effective cleaning chemical specifically formulated to clean diesel fuel systems, especially the hard to remove injector and combustion chamber deposits.

This product is delivered by the machine into the vehicle's fuel system providing a Diesel Fuel System Service that will rapidly remove deposits from the diesel injectors, combustion chamber and other areas of the diesel fuel system. This service will help to restore the ultimate in power, torque, towing capability and fuel economy to the customer's vehicle. Wynn's Diesel Clean Machine is a compact, lightweight, roll-around unit with very user-friendly connections and operating cycle. The unit is powered by 12V DC and has on-board tanks for both the Wynn's Diesel Injector Purge cleaning chemical and diesel fuel.

When the cleaning cycle is complete, the machine automatically switches to diesel fuel delivery to the vehicle to prevent air from entering the system. Wynn's Diesel Clean Machine and Diesel Injector Purge is the perfect solution for shops looking for the ultimate in a profitable, effective and user friendly Diesel Fuel System Service.